Mandate of the department

The Department of Planning and Development is responsible for planning, projects budgeting, Development project formulation, Research, Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation, statistics and follow up of consumer price market information (CPMI) The department is needed to ensure that ministry’s plans link to national development planning processes and strengthen coordination across horizontal and vertical levels of MoTIT with regards to development planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The department is mandated to critical role on alignment and operationalization of ministry’s policies and strategies with National Development Plan and District Development Plan..

Planning Section

  • Develop policy and strategic sector plans of the Ministry of Trade Industry and Tourism for the achievement of Ministerial vision.
  • Coordinate all projects, policies and new updates with communications department  and other Ministerial stakeholders  for effective follow up through liaison person at the section
  • Create a platform list of directors of planning of other MDAs in order to ensure improved coordination and get updates from each other as per new updates. This will help access to information among MDAs and avoid possible projects overlap with other government agencies about any inconsistency identified. e.g. review and follow up of different plans (NDP, RDP & DDF) set by other government sectors.
  • Prepare and consolidate Ministry’s annual plan and budget in line with respective sector strategic plan, NDP, RDP and DDF.
  • Develop Ministry’s strategic plan
  • Prepare and present monthly, quarterly and annual report against approved annual plan, budget and strategic plan.
  • Align donor programs with overall Ministry strategic plan and priorities.
  • Transform Ministry policy statements and strategic priorities in to functioning action plans, programs and projects.
  • Manage contacts to international aid partners, INGOs, NGOs, UN, Donors and other government stakeholders at national, regional and district levels.
  • Organize /support/ coordinate Ministry’s event plans in regard to economic developments
  • Undertake studies to unlock potential capacity and system 
  • Monitor progress of ongoing programs/projects against approved planned priorities
  • Ensure accountability and visibility of reports at the Ministry either through Ministry’s website or internally used drop box.
  • Following providing of necessary training to the M & E officer will undertake a Result Evaluation on the programs and project activities completed as per the instructions of National Monitoring and Evaluation policy.
  • Coordinate with relevant MONPD to receive M&E trainings When the MONPD is ready for the job.
  • Track the response and implementation of M&E reports recommendations. E.g  ensure corrections to be made if suggested timely
  • Contribute to establishment and participation of annual Ministerial development conference on discussing and endorsing M&E reports.

Statistics Section

  • Formulate Data and information generation tools that would enable to make effective data entry e.g Excel or access databases
  • Coordinate and generate required Data as per the stipulation of national statistics Act. .e.g Trade data collection , analysis  and dissemination through the liaison person who coordinates it with the communications department
  • Ensure undertaking all necessary Trade Analysis with important charts, tables and graphs. E.g. What number goods imported, origin countries, their value in terms of goods and money.
  • Avail necessary Data and information through effective coordination with other departments
  • Coordinate with the National statistics department and follow up on new updates in regard to the national statistics disseminations. E.g CPI 
  • Collect and liaise with the other departments for data collections. e.g Trade, regions and Tourism departments etc.
  • Ensure follow up of consumer price change  and report to the Ministry officials